ultimate destiny

ram H singhal

my grand daughter just 9 yrs

but an enlightened little child  ,

as such all children are enlightened  only but they do not know why ?

will pray her garments before wearing

so one day I ask her why?

she replies for communication with every atom  to feel wonderful .

what is a difference between enlightened child and enlightened master ? …..

child is in absolute happiness ….. but not aware of source 

master is in absolute happiness …… but aware of source …..



gratitude is the best form of prayer


prayer is communication with atom to at OM ……

make every breath prayer…every work prayer…..

eternity is dancing on eternity like football,

eternal space inside and outside in between the leather …. the body ,

the gift of parents to us


they are our first god…


body is your guru and guide…

so show…

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yi-ching lin photography

looking… a random bit


– Gautama Buddha

deliberate judgment
without wisdom
nor experience
leads to error

weekly photo challenge:  extra, extra

weekly photo challenge:  between

daily prompt:  an ounce of home


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between


I have once again taken the easy way out on this challenge.  My photo is of the time between day and night.  Its that awesome time of day when details get muted and there is a feeling of mystery as nighttime arrives.  For a photographer, the challenge is to catch that remaining light of day while using the oncoming darkness to enhance the feeling of the scene.  One of the ways to capture this transition is the use of silhouettes against the fading light.  This photo was taken in the Northern Serengeti as we were rushing back to camp as we had to be out of the park by “sundown”.  I saw this giraffe framed against the color of the sunset and asked our guide to stop just long enough to catch this quick shot.  I hope this captures the transition between day and night and also the serenity…

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

Small Steps


Weekly Photo Challenge

I know I have posted this picture before, but I think it represents the word ‘between’ well.

This picture was taken on a school trip I took the year 6s on. And this is two boys having a moment together. I find this a poignant picture, because these are boys were best friends all the way through primary school, I had seen their relationship have it’s ups and downs. The sad thing is that these boys went to separate secondary school, so I’m not sure if they still have contact. X

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true ends of life

ram H singhal

 Lord Vishnu ( cosmic consciousness ) floating on water in dream state

cosmos is dream of divine 

( water is neutral ….. neither positive nor negative  )

Breath is truth



neither attached



breath in … love

breath out …. happiness.

true ends of life.

love all 

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share

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What I am and what I am not

Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking

What I am and what I am not

I’m not a teacher, as such, and I have nothing to teach you. But we might learn together.

I don’t have any answers, not the definitive big answers to the big
questions. I just have more questions. But my new questions might
inspire you to ask some of your own.

I’m not enlightened; I can make no claim to such a thing being sometimes so lost in my own internal darkness that I extinguish my own small light while thrashing around. But sometimes that tiny pearl of light might be enough to guide a soul home.

I’m not awakened; I live in that shadowy penumbra of the world between worlds, caught in the trailing edge of dreams. But sometimes we may be dreaming the same dream and can compare notes.

I’m not a guru and I don’t want disciples or followers. But…

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Kone, Krusos, Kronos

I knew I was in dreamland

“If life was a dream, then dying must be the moment when you woke up.

It was so simple it must be true. You died, the dream was over, you woke up.

That’s what people meant when they talked about going to heaven.

It was like waking up.”

Ian McEwan,

The Daydreamer

We wake up on the morning after living in a fluid Universe of flowing images we call dreams, and believe we have come back in to ourselves, when it’s the other way around, we abandon the Self in order to descend to our material existence. It’s true those fluid images can be vague and confusing on waking up, but that is due to our lack of preparedness, or the contamination our spiritually polluted consciousness impede a more luminous dreaming were reality, is more impressive than our so call reality.

Which of those who have lived a full life…

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Unexpected: My Golden Butterfly…


Today Ailsa´s challenge is: “Unexpected”.. ..

And I am glad…Because something unexpected happened to me yesterday, while playing with a picture I took last week…

This is the original pic…

Blue butterfly

And this is what I got….

"My Gold Butterfly..."

 Life is full of expected and unexpected moments…Some  are black…Some are grey….And some more are vivid, warm and full of light…

And all of them are ours…

All of them  are part of that Odyssey that is our passage through the world….

Let´s face them…

Let´s be brave…

Let´s smile to life!




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