Metaphysical Monday

Heaven On Earth

RED — physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire.

ORANGE — creativity, sexuality, joy, enthusiasm, and promotes a general sense of wellness.

PINK — universal love.

WHITE — humility, purity, innocence, and truth.

YELLOW — the cheerleader, happiness, joy.

MAUVE — calm, intuition, spiritual, idealistic, dignity.

Photography/ “Metaphysical Monday” / June 2020©AmyRose

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Another Sort of Love Story

Heaven On Earth

It would seem as if Hubby formed a relationship with a groundhog beginning a few weeks ago. Relationship is an odd term for me to use, for these two vied for victory with one another. Hubby was adamant that this groundhog would not be digging a hole in his pole barn foundation, and the groundhog on the other hand was insistent oh yes he was! For weeks these two tangled, and believe me it was anything but love between them.

Every day this groundhog would dig a hole in the pole barn foundation stone. This pole barn is Hubby’s pride and joy for he built it himself and protects it fiercely. Every hole that groundhog dug, Hubby would find and fill it back in with stones.

Yet it would seem, that groundhog was persistent. I myself could not believe the brass on this animal for it seemed as if nothing…

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Steps to Letting Go of Painful Memories

Coaching Skills International

In order to feel lighter we need to let go

Experiences can leave us with some painful memories. They tie us to the past and prevent us moving on. And the only way to freedom is to work on letting go – so these memories don’t haunt us or keep us trapped in pain. Below are some guidelines to help you work on this.

1. Before you can let go, you must face whatever happened and accept that it is part of your past experiences. Suppression doesn’t work as a long-term solution. It can only be a band aid that brings temporary relief. Talk to someone you trust, or write about it in your journal. You need to share what happened, in order to move on.

2. Identify the lessons you have learned from what has happened. There’s always a lesson – so look for what you’ve learned. It doesn’t make it better – but it does lessen its power.

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My Lord Jagannath

Half earth, half sky

O My Lord Jagannath!

No pompous poem of any poet can portray your glory

No thought of any philosopher can explain your mystery

No paintbrush of any painter can sketch your beauty

No frame of any photographer can capture your radiance

No sculpture of any sculptor can duplicate your structure

No curriculum of any university can teach your culture

No perfume of any brand can spread the aroma of your Tulasi* and Chandan*

No dish of any restaurant can copy the flavour of your abadha*

No vehicle of any generation can possess the significance of your chariot

No treasure of any emperor can buy your empire

No place of world can have the smoothness of your sharadhabali*

No obstacle in life can block the path of your devotees

No festival of Odisha can overcome the grandeur of your Rathayatra*


You are the only cure to many ached hearts


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Ratha yatra 2020

Half earth, half sky

After an immediate decision of the supreme court, after a prolonged wait of the devotees, it happened, it happened in spite of all the catastrophe prevailing in the globe, in spite of all the obstacles coming in its way. Today, although millions of hands were deprived of dragging the ropes of their sacred chariots, zillions of hearts held the hope that Lord Jagannath would always pull the journey of their lives in the right path. Overcoming the vicious circle of thousand anticipations & arguments, finally He stepped out of his sacred palace along with God Balabhadra & Maa Subhadra, amidst the sound of chants, conches, bells & drums, amidst the fragrance of Sandal, Ocimum, incense sticks & flowers. In recent time, when new regulations, modern technologies are raising their heads to make the notorious corona bow down, the happening of this occasion is the proof that spirituality isn’t a synonym…

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A Little Ode to Medication


The medications cause a quagmire
of swimming thoughts and regret,
while my state of mind alters for the better,
I wonder, why did my condition show his face?

A misspent youth?
Melancholy requiring a revellation
of the truth?

Here’s what I have to say:
I shan’t allow further seating,

no more window views,
purveyors of ill-fated gossip,
throw your words to the wind,
and allow me to sleep,

my dreaming is important,
it’s where I escape,
rhyme and weave,

my thoughts allow me to dance,
along with them,
I cherish these.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Hi, I’m Lauren M. Hancock. I write what I feel, and I feel what I write. My poetry is filled with heart. I mainly draw on personal experience for inspiration, but sometimes even a certain phrase or word is enough to inspire me to write. You can find…

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13 Things I Learnt During COVID19 Lockdown

Bombay Ficus


1. Being a homemaker is tough and under appreciated

I’ve seen it everywhere around me, that homemakers don’t get close to as much appreciation as he/she should. That we as fellow family members should be more thankful and vocal about our gratitude towards them, but we simply fail to do so.

During the last 6 weeks, while the entire country was in lockdown and all sorts of services were put on a halt, one service that affected every other household in India was the unavailability of househelp, maids, etc.

These are the people who did all of the most basic chores of our household like cleaning, washing, etc. While everyone in my house shared these chores amongst ourselves, I realised how much work my mother put in despite all the help she got. It was only when I started helping her in her chores that I realised how exhausting it…

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Health vs. Fitness And Why Running A Marathon Doesn’t Mean You Are Healthy

Bombay Ficus

main_home1_770x350 Photo Courtesy :

Most of the confusion comes from how we use the terms Fitness and Health interchangeably. We think that just because we are fit enough to run a marathon that we must also be healthy. However, these two terms have very little in common and the fact that most of us don’t know the difference leads to a lot of problems.

This issue first came to my attention when I started noticing various runners in my group. A lot of them had various injuries or knee related problems, and battled various problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. They were fit to be able to run a marathon, but not healthy enough to live peacefully and effortlessly.

Fitness is simply the ability to do a task. Runners are fit for running, mountain bikers are fit for mountain biking, climbers are fit for climbing and so on and…

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The Perceptions Square

The reason we exist is because of the balance of nature, because of the empathy of the universe and yet we humans lack it to a great extent. And that’s why there is so much of chaos nowadays.

Our violent yellow star can annihilate our planet if it really touches it physically but it chooses to stay away and show its kindness by giving life to us.

Similarly the planets, the moons, the stars and the galaxies all depend on each other for their survival. Empathy rules to a great extent, Infact life itself is a product of empathy, the balance.

I know many people will say its all about sciencebut mind you even science has a heart!

But we humans are deterring from our path. We hardly care about others, barely connect with them , hate has become a new normal . Compassion has become a rare commodity…

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Women Artists in Brittany

Bonjour From Brittany

Brittany has provided a great source of inspiration for artists from across the world drawn to the beauty of its natural landscapes and unique quality of light. The women artists who came to draw inspiration from the rich colours and distinctive landscapes of the region have sometimes been overlooked and I hope to highlight some of these pioneering painters here.

Aspiring artists from across Europe, North America and further afield were drawn to Paris like moths to a flame in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; it was a vibrant cultural centre and one of the very few places that offered quality training and instruction in art. At the time, Paris offered the artist three main options for training and instruction. The most renowned of which was the prestigious state-run institution, the École des Beaux-Arts, which offered tuition-free education under the instruction of some of the…

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Heaven On Earth

When you do one thing
and believe another,
you know not peace,
you know not Self.

When you think one thing
and believe another
you know not love,
you know not Self.

When you speak one thing
and believe another,
you know not truth,
you know not Self.

When you write one thing
and believe another,
you know not honor
you know not Self.

When you know not Self
you are lost, easily swayed
believing what others
want you to believe.

In walking your talk
in every aspect of your life
empowerment is yours
as You bring light to
all possibilities that lie within.

Below are links based on Truth. True knowledge is power. However, it is your choice to read the links and/or to believe them. Your choice only. I included them not to have debates in the comments, but for your knowledge. We as a world must…

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Hearts’ Vow

Heaven On Earth

My Soul calls for me to
find my wings and fly
far far away from
this shadowy place
to a Land of light and love and peace.
I shall fly from the dark
and chart my way
as my heart sets the course
to the Land of light and love and peace
to reside there permanently as I AM.



Photography/ “Hearts’ Vow” /June 2020©AmyRose
Images watermarked for protection.

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