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Wrestling with the angel who holds the key to our brilliance is often more challenging than embracing the critic. It involves three central themes that relate directly to the intimacy and the spirituality of the creative process: discovering how our shadow blocks our creativity, experiencing the gift of great and courageous creativity, and giving this creativity a sacred place in our lives. By wrestling with the angel, we understand how our own woundedness is a step in our journey to wholeness……Janet Hagberg

round & round we move in our lives….circling our essence…..will we reach that place where prayer meets fear head on?

What struck me in therapy was the hollowness in most self-understanding. Some ways of knowing do not require understanding. Being familiar with yourself is a form of knowledge, and it, too, doesn’t require understanding. We have faith that in the dimness of our ignorance we have the opportunity…

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You kept me alive,

I know that’s proper, you kept me going.

there was times where i though, i would never see the light of another day.

no one was there to hold me down when it got tough.

no one picked me up, when my two feet’s were dragging.

man the blood that shed from the dragging.

but, i can say you had my back.

true to my heart i know who is who.

their is no question to the greatness that you present.

love, peace and success.

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