That Gleaming Moon

दक्षाली गुप्ता 🌸

Some says Moon is their God,
For others it would be their Mother, Or friend,
But for me,
You’re only my “Chanda Mama”.Hours spend besides the lake,
Under the stars.
The soft gentle breeze,
Reminds me the presence of your. Gazing you all night,
To smilling you,
And you always gleaming back to me. You’d be always there for me,
When no one is there. Listens to all my problems,
To solving it.
You’re always there for me, My Chanda Mama !
And bring back those gleamy smiles again.
You’re always my Chanda Mama…. Forever and ever !!!

© Dakshali Gupta

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The Guilt

दक्षाली गुप्ता 🌸

Our Word can never be picked
Once it’s thrown.

Our Faith can never be rebuilt,
Once it shattered down.

Our Love can never be regained,
Once it lost.

Our Friendship can never be reclaimed,
Once it’s broken.

Our Hope can never be stayed long,
Once it demoralized.

Our Trust can never be retrieved,
Once we mistrust with it.

Our Decision can never be replaced,
Once it made.

Our Behaviour can never be returned,
Once we act upon it, impatiently.

Our Steps can never be taken back,
Once we had crossed it.

We can’t change the things,
That we had done in the past.

The only we can have is the feeling of Guilt,
That builts over the passage of time.

© Dakshali Gupta

Copyright Reserved !

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पता नहीं क्या है तू…..!!!!


March 21, 2020
ढल न सकी वो रात है तू
बता न सकुं वो बात है तू
उग न सका वो सूरज है तू
जिस्म से दूर है तू
रूह से पास है तू
आँखों से छलकता पानी है तू
हौसला रखने वाला साथी है तू
हाँ कुछ है तू
पर पता नहीं क्या है तू
जो भी है बहुत खास है तू
जब भी पास आती है तू
होंठो तक आते आते रुक जाता हूं मैं,
कभी किसी ने चाहा है तुझको
कभी किसी ने चाहा है मुझको
माना कि हम दोनों ने भी चाहा था उन्हें बे-इम्तेहां
चखी है हम दोनों ने ही बे-वफाई की मिठास
हाँ झांका है एक दुजे के अंदर हमने,
बची हुई है अभी भी स्वाद मन में
प्यास है इश्क की
पर कतराते है पीने से
क्योंकि कतरा-क़तरा ज़िंदगी को जीते हैं हम
है तो वो कभी न पुरे होने वाले जज़्बात…

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Life’s Only Tip

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Woman Lying On Tree Near Water
Photo credit: Pexels

Life’s tip… Are you interested to know ?

Then read further…

Leaders, gurus, YouTube experts etc… will happily come out and give free lessons, lectures and advice, regarding tips in hundreds.

But if you want just one tip, only one then… I have a simple, best tip for you and you can practice it easily.

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5 Forms Of Self-Inflicted Punishment That Bloggers Do To Themselves

Renard's World

Most people would think that the last thing that some bloggers would ever do or want, is to carry out self-inflicted punishment on themselves (Apparently, some bloggers are suckers for punishment).

For the record, the form of self-inflicted punishment that I am referring to here is not the slashing of one’s skin with a sharp object or the burning of oneself with a hot mental object or the burning of oneself with cigarette butts.

The form of self-inflicted punishment that I am referring to is the cycle of insanity that some bloggers unwillingly (or willingly) trap themselves into.

Now, since I have piqued your curiosity, I am going to unveil the various forms of self-inflicted punishment that some bloggers endure.

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