Why are clouds so much more when they hover above the open sea? Something about the color of the ocean and the blue sky and summer cotton clouds, ahead, above, and all around. The sky and the ocean, similarly infinities.

Someone’s gazing at clouds from a spot on the shore, and I wish it was me. I can almost feel it now. And I wish it was me.

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Fervently Yours ;

Some pictures are weathered, not literally but metaphorically. They carry a borrowed hint of familiarity, a scent of another day, the essence of a distant emotion.
Perhaps, photographs aren’t only a glimpse of the moment captured and they certainly can teleport you to times beyond their timestamp.

This one for instance carries with it the feeling of monsoon for me. Maybe it’s the tone, the green, the disposition, or maybe it’s just me who sees what she wishes to.
It reminds me of how the day feels after the rain has fallen, how the sky wears a different colour, and how the wind is either heavy or eased by the downpour.

Beyond these, it changes something in you too.
A monsoon shower can be cathartic and liberating – a pleasant encounter that offers respite. Or it can fall on you with the force of melancholy, leaving you drentched and sometimes…

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Questions REVISITED?


Do questions excite you? Questions are still the focus, as this blog, the 100th Opening Your Mind blog, is posted? Questions that inspire further thought and self-reflection are the goal. Superficial answers and blue-print explanations are not!

These excerpts from the first Opening Your Mind Blog posted on July 21, 2020, may illuminate why we pursue questions over answers?

Warning! This blog is for those who prefer questions over answers! If you are looking for answers you need to look elsewhere. This blog is about opening your mind to self-reflection. It is about questioning yourself to find answers. This is not to suggest that we have all the answers inside ourselves. It is to suggest that our own mind is a great place to start the search. By looking at what we do, how we do it and why we do it; we can learn about who we…

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Montrose Dog Beach in videos and photos

Adventure in Spades

Linley and I have enjoyed many mornings at the Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago, and we wanted to go every morning last week. The 5:30am wake ups were totally worth it because we arguably had the best views of the sunrise to date—especially last Wednesday and Thursday.

Here are some videos and photos to better tell the story of these magnificent views!

Tuesday, August 30

Wednesday, August 31

Thursday, September 1

Friday, September 2

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Thebes, Egypt – Teba, Egipat


Grad Teba, ili Vaset (“skiptar”) na staroegipatskom, bio je prijestonica IV nome (provincije) Gornjeg Egipta. Geografski položaj bio je presudan za njegovu istorijsku ulogu. Grad se nalazio blizu Nubije i Istočne pustinje, bogatih mineralnim rudama. Ipak, iza njegovog središnjeg mjesta u egipatskoj istoriji stoje razlozi političke i religijske prirode. Još od Srednjeg Carstva Tebi je značaj stalno rastao, kao rodnom mjestu nekih faraona iz XI dinastije i svih iz XVIII. Zlatno doba grada podudara se sa ovom drugom dinastijom, kada je postao prijestonica cijelog Egipta. Njegovi hramovi bili su najbogatiji i najvažniji u zemlji, a njegov bog Amon bio je priznat kao “gospodar bogova”. Krajem vladavine XVIII dinastije i za vrijeme vladavine XIX, prijestonica zemlje premještena je, ali Teba nije izgubila prestiž, tako da je imala najvažniju ulogu u upravljanju zemljom, a njene hramove mnogi faraoni nastavili su da uljepšavaju. Ipak, moć grada počela je da opada. Već u Kasnom…

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dream wisdom (octelle)

wisdom is flow and glow .


and here i sit beside a stream

to look for wisdom in a dream

the easy brook barely flows

it doesn’t care where it goes

or what’s around the next bend

or even when it will end

and here i sit beside a stream

to look for wisdom in a dream

–photo by me

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insights into normal

Make Believe Boutique

have been alone but seldom lonely.

I have satisfied my thirst

at the well of my self

and that wine was good,

the best I ever had,

and tonight sitting

staring into the dark

I now finally understand

the dark and the

light and everything in between.

peace of mind and heart

arrives when we accept what is:

having been born into this

strange life we must accept

the wasted gamble of our

days and take some satisfaction in

the pleasure of leaving it all behind.

~Charles Bukowski

wisdom drops in now and again…..

inquiry for today~ an inside look is another choice……

this kindred care

The moment in between what you once were ,

and who you are now becoming ,

is where the dance of life really takes place.

~Barbara De Angelis

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To Ponder – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


“In an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still.” Pico Iyer

To Ponder

The tired chair said rest awhile and
I thought I would sit with you in
this silence of soul as we listen to
our inner confusions and longings,
observe our shifts and feelings of
stored experiences and ponder 
what movements stir in this moment,
and ask why they are barely whispers
along this worn road.

After a time the shadows covered me,
all was deeply quiet and I noticed
that you had gone. Were you there 
at all?

The old dragonfly smiled as it dallied.

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®️ 

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Sting Save From Mother

Heaven On Earth

Gingerly weaving my way through my front garden, all the while keeping my eyes on my sandaled feet so as not step on any of my plants, I carried my two gallon watering can towards my Clematis that stands in the right back corner. My irrigation system doesn’t go back that far so I have to remember to water this Clematis by hand. I poured a healthy long drink of cool water, satisfied She drank deeply.

I had been bent over while pouring the water and when finished I stood up totally forgetting in that moment, what was physically behind me, a Rose of Sharon Tree.

Unfortunately, my hair became tangled on a branch that had several flowers on it and in so doing, that tangle disturbed a honey bee who had been happily gathering pollen on one of those flowers. I heard the buzz and felt the bee as…

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The train running down the tracks …
… In the silence of the whispering trees
Sharing the secrets with the nature ….
… Across beautiful sceneries and …
Craftly landscapes made by mother earth
… Far stretches of the dusty plains
Purple headed mountains standing tall …
… Greenery shades of the rainforests
Angels blessed on the small world …
… Sprinkling magic with a spark of miracle
Sights through the train window …
… just makes adventures come true
As the train whistle can be heard …

-By Fatima Jamshed

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Priyanshi shah

As the sky breathes gray,

The moon is lost in his phase,

I saw a crossing where colors flow,

In the morning sunlight,

Along the stream losing herself in the deep, the sinking of leaves,

That little joy of life,

Lost in thoughts and interpretations,

And here we are in between,

In the sphere of logic and sensitivity,

Holding up the beauty in our eyes and memories in our souls,

To share the tales of passing by,

The nightmares of dreams,

The remembrance of fragile things,

The loss of a person with sagas of wounds,

That unsaid encounters,

We protect them from moment to moment,

Feeling that massiveness to sense nothing,

We wander here and there to reveal that tiny spark,

Which dwells within,

Carving walls and bridges,

To hide in this illusion of endless baggage,

Losing the presence of the present,

As fear manipulates our lives and we live…

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Aloneness to Onlyness with Essence . alone to all one happens only is one walks on the path of Love all. nice poetry

Priyanshi shah

Everyone holds the castle of aloneness within them,
A niche where they disguise their individuality,
To perceive what they are not feeling,
Certainty and safety as the shield of the fort,
But one deep down in their heart understands it and gazes at the castle in the sphere of aloneness,
In the dark, under the moonlight,
One wanders to know the way if there is any,
The castle has multiple entrances and windows,
Which unlocks when a cool breeze teases it,
A staircase leading to the room which one never unfolds,
An evolving library of our experiences that we have forgotten,
And it has a secret trail full of darkness,
From tragedy to memories,
Everything stays there and it floats on the surface now and then,
To live is to walk that pathway fearlessly,
It can be hidden in stories, a person, or something entirely which doesn’t make sense, 

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Mind is a Highway , be a witness to traffic , if you ride a bus of thoughts then mind is a museum of moments . truly nice post . love all

Priyanshi shah

The mind as an anthology of our adventures,
Wrapped in unconscious and conscious thoughts,
Acts as a museum of mementos and a dark cave of ruins,
Where all rare and precise pieces are stored,
Whether we are mindful of it or not,
And the aisle of the museum is filled with overwhelming passions,
And as dark approaches and the moon rises,
The story is formulated by relating scenarios,
Where imagination and nightmare are in the quest,
As one gets lost in his searching,
For what is real and what is not?
In the museum of illusions,
Where anything floats on the surface,
And deeper we dig we get lost in this vastness,
Sometimes it holds while occasionally it burns us,
But one has to pass through it,
Bound with fear or courage,
And wander long enough to know that there is no way out.
But how can one forget that…

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