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Frankly, I have seen more great things come from the design community in the past few years than advertising.

Of course there has been some great advertising, but in terms of solving problems in magical ways, the design industry seems to be more progressive than a lot of adland.

Part of that is that is because a lot of adland believes their job is to make ads to solve problems rather than embracing the possibilities of creativity … however I recently saw something that reminded me the difference between great design and great creativity.

Good isn’t it?

Captures the pain, sadness and horror of the terrorist attack in New Zealand in such a gentle, tender, authentic way.

You see what this work tells me is that while great design communicates a single thought with great clarity, great creativity communicates a 1000 feelings with great emotion.

As much as we…

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Art Therapy… When words are not enough!


The name “art therapy” itself points to two main directions, or rather, two poles of one continuum, in the existing practice and theory. Art-oriented therapists (art as therapy) emphasize the process of creating a work of art as the main one for therapeutic progress (E. Kramer et al.). The creative, artistic process is supported and encouraged, and the art therapist acts as its catalyst. The emphasis is on the self-healing power of art and creativity. Therapeutically-oriented (art psychotherapy) therapists often explain that concern with artistic goals should be minimized in favor of specialized forms of psychotherapy (M. Naumburg, etc.). The symbolic content of the artwork is examined in the context of the relationship between the therapist and the patient / client, the issues of transfer and counter transference are being considered. Currently, many art therapists move freely throughout the continuum between these two poles, not only in working with different…

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Now You Can See How Your Favorite Song Looks Like


‘ Waveform’ is a series of print-based music data visualizations by designer Alex Szabo-Haslam. It is an abstract poster which provides the individual an extraordinarily amazing opportunity to see how their favorite song looks like. The project produces a distinctive wall display and since each piece of music is distinct, there are no two waveforms that look the same – making each piece unique.

To create these wonderful art pieces the designer starts with the sound-wave generated by a song or piece of music and then redraws it to create a series of bars. Then the lines orbit the main circle, forming an elegant, abstract form.

via Design Boom

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Why Keeping a Gratitude Jar Can Affirm Your Creative Life — The Practice of Creativity

It’s March and winter hasn’t quite released its grip yet, at least not in the southeastern United States. I’m late this year in getting to begin a new gratitude jar as I usually start one in January. I’ve been traveling for work and was feeling a bit more cranky and tired than usual and I […]

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5 unusual, evidence-based ways to get better at a new language

Unhinged Group

5 unusual, evidence-based ways to get better at a new language

The last time I tried to learn a foreign language, I was living in an Italian suburb of Sydney. My hour a week at a local Italian class was inevitably followed by a bowl of pasta and a few glasses of wine.

As an approach to language-learning goes, it was certainly more pleasurable than my German lessons at school. Despite the wine, it was also surprisingly effective. In fact, getting better at a new language doesn’t have to mean hard hours on lists of vocab and the rules of grammar. It turns out that what you don’t focus on matters, too. And a glass of wine may even help …

Listen to the language, even if you don’t have a clue what’s being said – and you’re not even paying close attention

One challenging aspect to learning a…

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The Process of Integration

Living with Eternal Destiny

Creativity is my culture. Culture has a culmination point where it has it’s roots and beginnings, yet it was never destined to be remain stagnant. It is born for expansion and out of this expansion comes forth transformation. This is a process that calls for cultivation. Cultivation requires effort of consecrated dedication. This means action taken with inspiration within resolute participation. Yet it needs to carry with it an open mind and heart to something new.

“There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.” (Proverbs 14:12 NLT) Every endeavor in life has a life span and has an end as much as it had a beginning. Longevity vs sustainability. “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” (Proverbs 19:21 NIV)

Ii has been said that when we make plans God laughs. He likely does when…

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