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There lies deep within the human heart — yours, mine, and everyone else's — a vision and desire for how life is supposed to be lived. Some days, we feel it clearly in our bones. Other days, it might as well be junk-mail, relegated to file 13, or the spam folder. On our best days, when the hallway between heart and head has been swept clear of ego’s debris, and the wall lamps  are filled with oil, wicks trimmed, and shining their light for all to see, we can glimpse the incarnation of divine desire. Here is what we see: images of connection without coercion, dreams of enough without competition, hunger for community without uniformity, thirst for intimacy without betrayal, hope for understanding without judgment, longing for love without condition. All this is within us; divine spark planted before we were born. There are but two impediments to our bringing…

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Photo by Jennie Roberts Jenkins

By definition,
  it is the courage
  and compelling
  to risk our place
  and our person
  for the sake
  of living people
  who’ve been told
  they have no place,
  and maybe even no person.

It is to chance
  what feels like everything,
  precisely because
  of an unstoppable beat
  in our marrow
  that keeps a rhythm
  knowing full well
  that the only tune
  worth singing
  is the one
  where all have a place
  and each is a person.

Hope is a memory
  of a better tomorrow.

© 2019 Todd Jenkins

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Turn Failures Into Wins – Will’s Wisdom

Tangible Triumph

Failure is inevitable in the world we live in today. Instant change has become a common construct within the environment. One battle lost contains the information and knowledge to conquer the next four or five battles that yet await. A wise old man once said,”Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.” To wear the stripes of a general, humility traces the established core of being. The universe will set up failures that are bound to happen; meant to happen.”

Failure is one of the numerous discouragements in this adventure we call life. It can prevent a project from being started, halt a great man or woman to better themselves or even have the capability of a beautiful soul taking their own life.

Failure is scary but something we must all go through. Perfection is unattainable; with distinct eminence being next.


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Real Mentors v/s Virtual Mentors

nameera sheikh

‘knowledge is power’, in this age of modernisation , education and knowledge are integral part ofone’s life. Not only education is important for securing jobs or earning livelihood but also for growth and development of one’s personality. Knowledge comes from education. Thesetwo are the pillars of a nation’s progress and development. The more the millenials of a country are educated ,the more progress is witnessed by a country. As educated and well informed youth can only fore run a nation well.

But nowadays, due to technological advancement eduaction is being imparted online and it is decreasing the role of real mentors ,that is , teachers and professors. In fact it is replacing human resource. But the learners are unable to see the dark side under a lit torch. Though online teaching is more lucrative , comfy , convenient and efficient but there are various thorns attached to…

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I Quote Today

Pen and Book


I have never believed in अपना टाइम आएगा / My time will come.

I believe in “This is my time and I am here to make the most of it .”


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Why a blog? – A poetic reason

Pen and Book


Blog in my view:

A place to be

A place to be me

A place to be creative me


A place to enunciate

A place to enunciate myself

A place to enunciate myself clearly


A place to join

A place to join pens

A place to join pens of the world


A place to relax

A place to relax quietly

A place to relax quietly beside a stream of words


A place to focus

A place to focus on my thoughts

A place to focus on my enlightening thoughts


A place to enjoy

A place to enjoy reading

A place to enjoy reading the highest expressions


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Eternal love and light

Didis Art Design

When born
Life circulates
At the periphery
Of being and time

The older we get
Speed of time accelerates
Slips faster
Through our fingers

Age whirls into the centre:
Into the black hole
Called death
A new vortex of life

Maelstream of time
Up to speed of light
Beyond day and night
Becoming love and light

Journey from young to old
Through the tunnel of time
Fall into pure consciousness
A turn into love, eternal life

Bliss in Oneness
A new born star…

DidiArtist, 30.05.2019

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