don’t drown while u can swim

Ephemeral Epiphany

Sometimes, our lives can be compared to a foolish person drowning in the middle of the sea.

With so much suffocation and pressure around us, we feel helpless and weak.

Even then, we forget to focus on the right thing– which is to swim and survive.

Instead, we think of what is below us– chests full of treasure or hungry sharks? Should we dive and look for the treasure or should we run away from the sharks? We make up unnecessary priorities in our heads, while there is only one thing that truly matters– to survive.

If you feel stuck in life, don’t be scared because you’re not alone. Just remember to stop overthinking about the treasure and sharks that aren’t really there. Just survive and move on. You have the strength to survive this tough ocean.

Everything you need is within you.

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left you in the moonlight

The misterman's take

standard as its own pleasure

and whom as its own keeping

and likely as its own well

and down

as its own turning

and truth

as its own circle

and making

as its own feeling

and faces as its own actions

and being

as its own naive

and touch

as its own roar

and whom as its own settle

and lasting

as its own wise

as the doing

and told

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Time flies …


Time passes-2-Croped-2

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the World, and that is an idea whose time has come.”

                                                                         Victor Hugo – 19th Century Author


Time passes quickly. In many situations, we use that proverb … Time passes … or … Time flies

Indeed, there are already six months gone since this website was launched. It was just as yesterday, just as … in the nick of time. Well, this is the ideal time to give an outline and to recapitulate little bit. Since that moment, many new essays were born along with many new amazing revelations. More than ten, I think. Indeed, I was focused so strongly on this point…

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Twenty-Three Days

The Jasmine Dialogues

Back from three+ weeks in Peru. First half of the trip? Putting together a 3-day, 80-mile circumnavigation fastpack of the remote, rugged Cordillera Huayhuash with Portland friends Willie McBride and Brian Donnelly. Second half? A solo trip through Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Arequipa’s high volcanoes. Art. Coffee. Craft beer.  Festivals. Dogs. Earth-shattering trip. Photo essay below; writing pronto.


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Ascension of self


Geometric fractal states

Help us to spiritually elevate,

Through ascension into a galactic race

Free from the cyclical suffering place,

Here and now as we exist

We must learn lessons if we are to achieve this,

By encompassing within our existence,

Love, peace, compassion and truth as well as kindness,

Then having gained this pure state

And as we practice and meditate,

To create a fractal geometric state,

Through the energy within us

And a conscious awakened place,

We can evolve into beings prepared for ascension,

Into multiverse transcendant dimension,

In which we can live with in enlightened peace.

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Spirituality is unique


Asked about the thoughts on the spiritual

I said I can’t tell you it’s individual,

Self determination and self rule

Are the key aspects to being spiritual,

Finding your own way seeing what fits

Remembering to question everything,

Open up the mind in an awakening

Discovering conscious reality thtrough the illusory.

Spirituality to me is Love, compassion, tolerance and peace,

It’s about living a good life in a righteous mind

Connecting with creation and the divine,

While believing in self is fine

We learn to leave ego far behind

And understanding duality determines life and belief.

Meditation and practice help soothe the mind,

Helps us on our journey, helps us find the path,

Discover happiness, contentment in the way we live,

Helps life lift the spirit so it’s transcending,

While keeping us grounded in the luminescent soul

Aides self love and self control,

Breaks domestication that’s instilled from old,


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