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You musn’t live so lightly, Spin your stories, tell your tales, Let them dance across the oceans And set the wind upon your sails. For every truth found on your travels And in the pits of your despair, In a shout into forever, Of “I existed, and I cared.” ~e.h. what is most important right […]

this is how we live at home — Make Believe Boutique

Photos and Short Poems

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

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clouds and yet
enough light
to filla jam jar
with the last
of the carnations

reading Psalms
in the sunroom
fragrance of daffodils

poems we read
again and again
washing an old plate
the pattern
still new

different shapes
of the rose bush
and lilacs in the yard
they grew towards
the light

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Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Free Photo Library

Poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

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Fear of Being Alone

Finding Inner Calm and Deeper Wisdom

Before we became human, we lived in trees. As we evolved, we lived in caves where we became more civilized, and we had fires to keep us warm. From way back then all the way until today, we lived in groups. We lived in families. A human living alone is more vulnerable to attacks from predators and other humans. The human psyche is programmed to want other humans nearby for comfort and protection. The fear of being alone can be considered normal and natural. But that doesn’t always make us happy.

When we are alone, whether by choice or otherwise, we must deal with the fear or discomfort that comes from somewhere deep inside our own mind. Long periods of solitary confinement are known to encourage mental illness. Thus, when we must be alone and suffer because of it, we need to develop an inner coping mechanism. We need to…

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The light inside the dark

Ecstatic Incoherence

Excerpt from ‘The Light inside the Dark’ – Roshi John Tarrant


Whether or not our travels may eventually extend to the stars… our frontier now is the inner life… This inward voyage and the outer both have an heroic aspect. Outer voyages make new connections by which human beings achieve many ends — adventure, trade, conquest, and love. The inner voyage also makes new connections: it plunges us into an initatory space, the way youn boys were once thrust into the forecastle of a sailing ship; then, as the world we have known disappears, we are rocked and whirled around until the ship anchors once more in a harbor. We step ashore in a land that is not externally new but that our eyes, being changed, see in its primeval freshness. The interior voyage overcomes loneliness by offering us a place in the universe, where we can know ourselves…

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Letter to myself — Pointless & Prosaic

Dear Past, Future and Present Self, It feels weird to write a letter to self. If not for the Letter Writing Challenge posed in Blogging Community, I would have never done this. I would have assumed that you will know how to handle each stage of yours. There is nothing that lasts permanently. What I […]

Letter to myself — Pointless & Prosaic