Creative Sunlight

Terry Long imagery

Spectro – Spiro / Medium – Prismography / 2014 / Terry Long

I used a combination of two crystal prisms, sunlight, and my Nikon D700 DSLR camera to create Spectro-Spiro, plus some photoshop. A total of 20 digital layers were also used for the finished piece.

Spiro-Spectro copy.e

Close up section of Spectro-Spiro

Using pure sunlight to create art feels and appears to be very magical, a kind of alchemical process, but without the wizards hat and cape! Living in sunny Southern California helps a great deal, and allows me a lot more opportunity to experiment with this exciting medium and process. The prisms act like paint brushes, and can be combined in different configurations to achieve different effects, plus combined with the many digital effects of photoshop, there are endless possibilities.

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