On our History Books

The Bach

I hated learning history when I was in school. It was one of the most pointless subject with its only aim to test my memorization skills. The chapters were absolute bullshit with highly incoherent storylines filled with unnecessary detailing on who ate, who fought and who died and most irritatingly β€œWhen”. Chapters had too many inconsistencies, unnecessary propaganda of few dynasties and of course two supermassive black holes right in middle !.

Let me summarize 12 years of History text books in one paragraph. It started with Harappa who are supposedly aliens with no connection to Indian civilisation. (Then comes the first black hole of 10 centuries). History then restarts during Mauryan period, Alexander, Kushans, Guptas and then a break! (The second black hole of about 10 more centuries). During this period Indians sat on beach, yawned and waited someone to make their life interesting. Apparently, our history wasn’t worth…

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